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Student Resouces


Assignments and Resources

Notes for English 1A

The Problem of Definition by Donald Pizer - PDF Version

Art and Literature - Freud - PDF Version

Definition of Tragedy - PDF Version

Link to Medea By Euripides

Link to Poetics by Aristotle

Stylistic Analysis Examples

Close Reading Worksheet - PDF Version

Interpreting and Analyzing Poetry - PDF Version

Stylistic Analysis of City Treaty - PDF Version

Stylistic Analysis Worksheet for Red Anger - PDF Version

Arthur Miller's: Death of a Salesman - Notes and Terminology - PDF Version

Sentencing Disparity: Aboriginal Canadians, Drunk Driving and Age by Michael Weinrath

Notes for Rhetoric, Writing and Communications

Lecture Notes - PDF Version

Stephen King's essay - Why We Crave Horror- PDF Version

The Paramedic Method - PDF Version

William Lutz on The Language of Advertising- PDF Version


Business Assignments

Summary and Response Due March 11

Visual Rhetorical Analysis, Evaluation and Synthesis assignment - Due April 06

Summary, Paraphrase & Citation Assignment

Business Communications Assignment

Company Situation 1- Cell Phone Company.pdf

Company Situation 2- Brewery Manufacturing .pdf

Company Situation 3- Lawn Fertilizer Company.pdf

Company Situation 4- City of Winnipeg Streets.pdf

Company Situation 5- Food Manufacturing Company Dinky Donuts.pdf

Company Situation 6- Bank Retail Location .pdf

Situation 7: Online Custom Brassier Company

Company Situation 8: Music Production Company

Business Documents Samples Links

Resolution Letter

Appology Letter


Business Letters


Resume and Cover letter


Old Assignments

Editing and Revision Checklist

Critique Response Assignment

Evaluation & Synthesis Assignment


Rhetoric 1105-003 - Spring 2011

The Paramedic Method - PDF Version

Summarizing Assignment & Citation - PDF Version

How To Write Paraphrases - PDF Version

Pre-reading Questions - PDF Version

Lecture Notes - PDF Version

Synthesis Paper Sample - PDF Version

Close Reading Worksheet Sample - PDF Version

Stylistic Analysis Sample - PDF Version


Feeling Reserved - PDF Version

My Urban Rez - PDF Version

Red Anger - PDF Version

Lecture Notes and Additional Resources

Using Thesis Statements by Margaret Procter, Writing Support U of T -link to website

MLA Style Guide
An excellent handout from Purdue University with examples

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing
How to effectively use quotations, paraphrases, and summaries

Paraphrasing Exercise, Answers to Exercise
Test your paraphrasing skills with this handout from Purdue University

Incomplete Quotations
How to punctuate incomplete quotations

Common Errors in Quoting
Provides answers to some of the most common problems with quotations

How to Fit Short Quotations Into Your Work
Include short quotations in your own sentence in a way that is grammatically correct

Short Quotations of Verse
How to retain the punctuation and capitalization of the source and indicate any line breaks with a slash

Short Quotations vs Longer Quotations
How to punctuate short and long quotations

Quoting Prose
Passages of more than about four lines long should be set as block quotations

Knight Cite Link -

English Literary Topics 1310

My Winnipeg Stylistic Analysis Example - PDF Version

Stryker Link -

NFB - Grocery Store documentary Link -

Souvenirs - 3 documentary links -

MLA Essay example - PDF Version

Knight Cite Link -

Warren Cariou Essay - How Come These Guns are so Tall?- PDF Version

Using Thesis Statements by Margaret Procter, Writing Support U of T -link to website